What should I do if eczema on my hand is cracked?

Eczema is a relatively common skin disease. After eczema symptoms appear, the symptoms can be cured quickly as long as early treatment and skin care are done. Sometimes, after eczema appears in the hands, it is easy for eczema to crack. I would like to ask what should I do if eczema cracks on my hands?

If eczema on the hand is cracked, the patient must actively treat it. Appropriate moisturizing ointment can be applied to the affected part to relieve the dryness and chapped skin, and care should be taken to keep the crack clean and dry, so as to avoid infection and inflammation at the crack. If the fissure is obvious, the patient can also apply the healing medicine locally according to the doctor’s advice to promote the growth of local epidermis.

Hand eczema is a serious skin disease, which will not only cause severe itching of patients’ hands, but also cause peeling and cracking of local skin, causing serious harm to patients’ health. Therefore, after the symptoms of eczema appear, patients must pay attention to it, find out the cause and treat it as soon as possible, control the development of the disease, and avoid causing various abnormal reactions of the body.

During the treatment, patients should avoid contact with the outside world as far as possible, and stay away from the stimulation of external adverse factors and allergens. After itching symptoms appear again, remember not to scratch excessively, but also to contact less chemicals such as detergent and laundry detergent and eat less irritating food such as pepper, so as to help the cure and recovery of hand eczema.

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