What should I do if hydronephrosis has not been necessary?

The kidney of human body is an organ that discharges urine outward and promotes metabolism of human body. If the kidney has pathological changes and cannot discharge urine outward normally, so that a large amount of urine is stranded in it, it will cause hydronephrosis and affect life. Hydronephrosis may be caused by congenital kidney insufficiency, or it may be caused by stones in the kidney or chronic inflammation of the kidney. So what about hydronephrosis?

If hydronephrosis is caused by insufficient width of the ureteropelvic junction, pyeloplasty can be selected to widen the insufficient width of the junction. If hydronephrosis is caused by kidney stones, then the stones can be crushed by laser to cure hydronephrosis. If it is hydronephrosis caused by chronic nephritis, we can use the method of combining traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine, take medicine while exercising, and slowly improve nephritis.

Patients with hydronephrosis should develop good living habits, don’t stay up late, don’t overwork, don’t always eat spicy and greasy things, and pay attention to do more aerobic exercise in daily life to keep their body and mind happy, so as to help improve the problem of hydronephrosis.

To thoroughly improve the problem of hydronephrosis, patients should first check the causes of hydronephrosis in the hospital. According to the doctor’s advice, we should adopt a treatment plan, so as to make the body recover as soon as possible.

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