What should I do if I don’t want to eat in early pregnancy?

At the early stage of pregnancy, there will be strong reactions, such as breast swelling, nausea and vomiting, etc., which often make pregnant women have no appetite and want to vomit when they smell special smells. If they are strong, they will even vomit when they eat anything, which is very bad for their health and is not conducive to the development of embryos. So, what should I do if I feel queasy and don’t want to eat anything at the early stage of pregnancy?

Early pregnancy nausea doesn’t want to eat. Try not to force yourself. You can eat something you like to get enough nutrition, and try to digest it better to reduce the feeling of vomiting. Pregnant women with severe pregnancy reaction should not limit their eating time, but only eat some if they want. When their appetite is better, increase their food intake.

Pregnant women should be properly supplemented with folic acid to avoid fetal neural tube malformation. When planning pregnancy, pregnant women should start to supplement folic acid, which is very important. If the intake is insufficient, it will have many adverse effects on pregnancy. If you can’t eat at all, pregnant women should go to the hospital for intravenous nutrition.

Sour food can stimulate gastric acid secretion, thus effectively increasing appetite and invigorating spleen and digestion. Pregnant women can make it at home, which can not only relieve morning sickness, but also supplement vitamins, or smell lemon after getting up, which will help relieve morning sickness. Dried fruit is rich in iron. When you don’t want to eat, you can eat it properly to improve your appetite. You can also carry it when you go out. It is practical and convenient.

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