What should I do if I get pregnant again after a month of drug flow?

After pregnancy, if the child is found to be unhealthy or if you don’t want to have a baby so early, abortion is a choice that most people will make. When the month is relatively small, many people will choose medical abortion, because the harm to the body is relatively small, and the recovery is faster. However, a small number of people became pregnant immediately after the drug flow, because they did not take contraceptive measures. What should I do if I became pregnant again one month after the drug flow?

If you are pregnant again and have no plans to have children, it is recommended to have abortion, otherwise, there may be a lot of troubles after having children. But what needs to be understood is that having two abortions in a short time is very harmful to women’s health, and it is very likely that it will make it difficult to get pregnant later, so we must consider it carefully.

However, if you have a birth plan and find that you are pregnant, you can go to the hospital to check whether the fetus is abnormal. If it is healthy, you can actually be born. As long as you have regular checkups at each time period, you can make sure that there is no problem with the fetus.

If there is no birth plan after the drug flow, you must take contraceptive measures when you are in the same room, because although abortion will not have much impact on boys’ bodies, it will only harm women’s bodies, and you should be prepared for this in a responsible manner.

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