What should I do if I grow a lot of acne behind me?

Dry weather and bad living habits will cause various problems in people’s skin, among which acne is the most common in people’s life. Some people will appear on their faces, some on their necks, and some even in other parts of their bodies, such as their backs. What should I do if there are many acne on their backs?

The acne on the face can’t be squeezed by hand, and the acne on the body can’t be squeezed either. Some people often scratch it with their hands because the acne is itchy, which will leave scars when the acne is broken. Everyone who is prone to acne is generally caused by endocrine disorders of the human body, and does not pay attention to rest and likes to eat many foods with heavy tastes such as spicy and greasy food. Drinking more water and eating more fresh vegetables can effectively improve and relieve acne.

Long acne on the back must be cleaned, and the back should be exfoliated regularly. If the cutin is not removed for a long time, it will cause congestion of hair follicles on the back, and acne will easily occur. Choose medicated soap instead of shower gel, and use it together with the bath brush to clean the back. Be careful to clean the back frequently.

You can also put some aloe vera gel on acne, which can play an anti-inflammatory role. In addition to eating less food with heavy taste or easy to get angry, people should also exercise more. People will sweat a lot after a lot of exercise, and exercise and sweat, which can expel toxins from the body, so it is not easy to grow acne.

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