What should I do if I have chest pain and chest tightness during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, women always have some adverse symptoms, such as lethargy, fatigue and edema, which are very common. Some women feel chest pain and chest tightness when they are pregnant, accompanied by symptoms of rapid heartbeat, so they are very worried. So, what about chest pain, chest tightness and rapid heartbeat during pregnancy?

Chest pain, chest tightness and rapid heartbeat during pregnancy may be caused by physiological reasons. Because the heart load will increase after pregnancy, especially in the late stage of pregnancy, the fetus is already relatively large, so the uterus will occupy a large position in the abdominal cavity, and then squeeze the nearby organs to a certain extent.

When the uterus squeezes the surrounding organs, the thoracic volume will decrease, and then the abdominal pressure will increase, so pregnant women will have chest pain and chest tightness. Moreover, the blood flow of the body increases during pregnancy, which will make the heart beat faster. If the symptoms are not serious, there is no need for everyone to worry.

Pathological factors can also cause chest pain, chest tightness and rapid heartbeat in pregnant women, such as suffering from heart disease. If a pregnant woman has heart disease, the pressure of the heart will increase after pregnancy due to the enlargement of the fetus, which will aggravate the heart disease and then cause some adverse symptoms. If the symptoms are serious, pregnant women should seek medical advice in time to avoid danger.

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