What should I do if menstruation is abnormal?

After contraceptive failure, many people will choose to do abortion. However, although the safety of abortion is relatively high now, it will actually do some harm to women’s bodies, especially after abortion, it may also affect the normal menstruation. Many women will find that their menstruation is disordered after abortion, which requires timely adjustment. What should I do if abortion is abnormal?

1. Many women will have irregular menstruation after abortion, but it is relatively simple to recover if they pay attention to conditioning, but the recovery cycle should be determined according to each woman’s physical condition.

2. Irregular menstruation after abortion can be well conditioned from the aspects of diet. You can eat more foods rich in calcium, such as milk or fish. Try to avoid drinking coffee, and drinks such as black tea may increase women’s anxiety and anxiety. Besides, vegetables, fruits and cereals can also be eaten more, which can help regulate menstruation.

3. If menstruation does not come for a long time or only comes once every two or three months after abortion, it is necessary to go to the hospital in time to check what causes it, because if menstruation is abnormal, it may affect pregnancy afterwards.

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