What should I do if my ears hurt when I get angry?

Getting angry is an abnormal phenomenon that many people have encountered. Many people will have some abnormalities when getting angry, such as long sores and bad breath. Some people get angry and their ears hurt. Ear pain is rather uncomfortable, but many people don’t know how to relieve it. So, what should I do if my ears hurt when I get angry?

My ears hurt when I get angry. In this case, I need to see if my ears are red and swollen. If there is redness and abnormal secretion in the ear, it will cause pain in the ear. In view of the abnormal secretion in the ear, it is necessary to clean it with normal saline. Meanwhile, observe whether the eardrum is normal. As long as the eardrum is normal, don’t worry too much.

Because of ear pain caused by excessive internal heat, it is necessary to remove internal heat in time. If getting angry is not very serious, it can be tempered by diet. Here, balsam pear is especially recommended as a food. Although balsam pear is a bit bitter, it is really the first choice for removing fire. Many people can’t stand the taste of bitter gourd, so they can try to squeeze it into bitter gourd juice.

Because there is pain in the ear, you can apply hot compress on the painful part. This method is of great help to relieve the pain in the ear caused by excessive internal heat. It’s easy to apply. Place it on the painful part with a hot towel, or apply it with a hot water bag. At this time, it is helpful to relieve the pain of the ear by properly pressing and kneading.

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