What should I do if my face is dry and my skin is red?

Skin covers most parts of human body, which can protect human body, not only resist the invasion of bacteria and viruses, but also keep warm. And the quality of the skin also has an impact on a person’s appearance. If the skin is poor, the appearance is not very good. So, what should I do if my face is dry and my skin is red?

1. Keep away from allergens .

If you want to alleviate the problems of dry hair, peeling and redness on your face, you must first find the inducement. This problem may be caused by allergies, such as contact with mites or dust in çİş air, or eating some food that can induce allergies. Therefore, to find allergens, avoid re-contact, regularly clean up mites in the home, and stop eating allergic foods such as peanuts, chocolate or seafood.

2. Pay attention to hydrating .

Dry and red face may also be caused by severe water shortage. If you eat too much spicy and dry food and don’t pay attention to drinking water, the decrease of water in your body will cause the skin to be short of water. Drink more water every day, at least 2000 ml. When washing your face, don’t rub your face hard. The water temperature should not be too hot. After washing your face, you can use some hydrating and skin care products appropriately.

3. Diet adjustment .

Lack of vitamins is the main reason for poor skin immunity. Therefore, you should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to supplement vitamins, such as apples, cherries and grapes. At the same time, eat less stimulating condiments such as pepper, mustard and pepper.

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