What should I do if my heart rate is fast in my 20 s

Heart rate is the most important vital sign of people. If the heart rate is abnormal, people must pay attention to it and find out the reasons in time. At present, the most common abnormal heart rate is that the heart rate is too fast, and there are many factors that cause people’s heart rate to be too fast. So, what if your heart rate is fast in your 20s?

Most cases of rapid heart rate in their 20s are physiological. For example, during strenuous exercise, the heart rate will increase. Moreover, when you are nervous, anxious and overeating, it will also cause your heart rate to be too high. The heart rate caused by physiological factors is too fast, and usually it can return to normal by itself.

If the situation of rapid heart rate often occurs, it is likely to be pathological. At this time, we should see a doctor immediately and actively treat it after finding out the cause. Patients should be checked for nail work and anemia, and their blood pressure should be checked. If all the above examinations are normal, we should consider heart diseases, so we need to do heart color Doppler ultrasound and dynamic electrocardiogram.

After the relevant examination, if there is abnormal nail work and anemia, you can use drugs to treat it. If you have heart disease, you must pay attention to it, and choose the treatment according to the type and severity of the disease. Moreover, patients should pay more attention in normal times, such as controlling their emotions and avoiding strenuous exercise.

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