What should I do if my stomach has been distended during pregnancy?

When a woman is pregnant, there are many things to pay attention to. Some pregnant women feel that their stomachs are always swollen and hard during pregnancy. So, what should I do if my stomach has been swollen and hard during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, my stomach has been swollen and hard, which is probably due to pseudo-contractions.

First, change your movements or postures. Sometimes walking can relieve your discomfort, take a hot bath and relax, and sometimes rest can also relieve false contractions.

Sometimes dehydration can cause false contraction, so you can drink a few glasses of water, take a slow deep breath, or try relaxing exercises. It can help you deal with uncomfortable feelings.

In addition, pay attention to the number of false contractions and observe whether they are accompanied by severe abdominal pain and sagging abdomen. If accompanied by abdominal pain and regular, it may be threatened abortion, so it is necessary to seek medical treatment in time.

Pay attention to balanced nutrition and rest in the third trimester. When touching the stomach, don’t turn around at will, because it can easily cause uterine contraction. Mother-to-be should move in one direction when touching, and pat her abdomen gently when communicating with her baby.

In the third month of pregnancy, the stomach hardens and swells, which is caused by uterine contraction. If there is no obvious pain, it is mainly caused by false contractions. This is because the uterus becomes particularly sensitive in the third trimester of pregnancy, and external stimulation can easily induce uterine contraction. This uterine contraction will not cause fetal decline and cervical dilatation. Pay attention to rest as much as possible, don’t stand or walk for a long time, and don’t have sex. If the symptoms of tightness and induration are aggravated and the duration is gradually prolonged, it may be a precursor of childbirth, so we should go to the hospital in time and prepare for delivery.

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