What should I do if there is hematocele next to the gestational sac in early pregnancy?

Because the whole pregnancy time is relatively long, it is very likely that all kinds of situations will occur during this time. For example, pregnant women are likely to have some diseases during pregnancy, while fetuses are also likely to have various symptoms. Therefore, it is necessary to have regular check-ups to see if the physical condition of pregnant women and fetuses is normal. What should I do if there is hematocele next to the gestational sac in the early pregnancy?

In the early pregnancy, when going to have a check-up, if it is found that there is hematocele next to the gestational sac, there may be a probability of threatened abortion. Generally, in this case, doctors will recommend taking some drugs to prevent miscarriage first, and then make proper observation, without bleeding again. Then, there is no other abnormal situation at ordinary times. In fact, hematocele will be absorbed slowly. However, within 1~2 weeks after taking the anti-abortion drugs, it is necessary to conduct a proper reexamination to see if the accumulated blood has been absorbed.

In fact, the cause of hematocele beside the gestational sac is not particularly clear, which may be due to the local bleeding of the gestational sac during implantation, or the abnormal coagulation function of the pregnant woman itself. However, no matter what the reason is, blood was found beside the gestational sac during the examination, so further examination and treatment must be done.

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