What should I do if there is hot and wet poison on women’s skin care faces?

In daily life, most women like to use skin care products in order to make their skin better. However, wet poison appears on the face, which will affect the image of women. In this case, using skin care products may aggravate the wet poison. So, what should women do if they have hot and wet poison on their skin care faces?

First of all, try not to use skin care products after the occurrence of heat and moisture toxicity. Many skin care products contain alcohol, which will affect the affected area. We should pay attention to keeping facial hygiene at ordinary times. If you can’t drain excess water from your body, wet poison will always accumulate in your body, and oil will appear on your face, which is a manifestation of damp heat. Therefore, we must pay attention to draining moisture at ordinary times and maintain hygiene.

Secondly, eat less greasy food, which will make the stomach difficult to digest, which is not conducive to eliminating moisture. You can eat some light food, and pay attention to drink plenty of water, which is more conducive to promoting metabolism. In addition, we should also pay attention to strengthening exercise at ordinary times, which can strengthen digestion of intestines and stomach. This method is also beneficial to discharge sweat and accelerate toxin discharge in the body.

Furthermore, we should take more rest and ensure adequate sleep. Adequate sleep can help eliminate fatigue, enhance the body’s resistance and promote metabolism. Especially for women with cold palace, they must not stay up late, ensure to go to bed early every day, and at the same time, keep warm and treat damp poison from inside.

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