What should I do if there is less angry milk?

After giving birth to a child, if the mother has breast milk and it is not too troublesome, she will choose to feed it with breast milk, which will be richer in nutrition and more beneficial to the child’s development. However, the amount of breast milk will be affected by some external factors. For example, if the mother is emotionally unstable and often angry after giving birth, it may lead to insufficient milk. So what should I do if there is less angry milk?

If the amount of milk is reduced due to emotional instability, try to keep a steady state of mind during this period, and find something to do that makes you happy, instead of thinking too much. At the same time, we should pay more attention to our sleep. Generally speaking, if the sleep quality is better, the mood will be more comfortable, which is of great benefit to the maternal body, so the amount of milk will naturally increase.

In addition, the family should pay more attention to the maternal emotions and communicate with them in a timely manner. If there are emotions, they can vent and express them properly, and don’t over-suppress them. Otherwise, it will easily affect the physical condition.

If the milk has been reduced, adjusting mood at this time can’t increase the milk quickly, so you can help increase the amount of milk through diet or other methods, for example, you can drink more soup, besides, you can also massage your chest properly.

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