What should I do with bleeding of intrauterine effusion in late pregnancy?

If there is intrauterine effusion during pregnancy, it can be divided into different situations. If physiological factors are considered, periodic bleeding, while pathological conditions will cause enough attention, and sometimes it will cause bleeding phenomenon, which will make pregnant women worry. So, what should I do about uterine effusion bleeding in the third trimester?

In the third trimester of pregnancy, uterine cavity effusion and bleeding should be treated immediately, and pregnant women should have uterine cavity examination, which may be abortion, abnormal fetus, abdominal pain and bleeding symptoms. If pregnant women should pay attention to it, they should be treated according to the doctor’s advice.

Intrauterine effusion may not be aborted, but if there is bleeding, it is easy to be infected with germs, thus inducing abortion. When dealing with it, as long as there are bleeding symptoms, you should go to the hospital for further examination. If the development is serious, hysterectomy may be performed, and there is a risk of bleeding during the operation.

There are many causes of uterine cavity effusion, such as uterine dysplasia, or insufficient hormone level of pregnant women, which can also be caused by infection during pregnancy. If it happens in the first trimester, it is necessary to intervene in time. If it happens in the second and third trimester, it is necessary to discuss with pregnant women. Pregnant women suffer from salpingitis, which is very likely to cause uterine cavity effusion. They have had abortion many times before and are prone to uterine cavity effusion during pregnancy.

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