What should I do with long spots

Nowadays, people are very fond of beauty, and they all hope to have a smooth and beautiful skin, and they all hope that there are no spots or acne on their skin. Skin without spots and acne is the yearning of many people, but sometimes it is inevitable that spots will grow. So what about the long spots?

1. Pay more attention to hydrating and moisturizing. If you want the spots on your face to disappear, drinking plenty of water can dilute the spots, keep your skin moist and young, and make the spots disappear. In addition to hydrating internally, if your skin has long spots, you can also actively replenish water externally, and use more hydrating products to keep your skin hydrated and the spots can disappear naturally.

2. Pay attention to radiation protection. If spots appear on your face, you must do a good job of radiation protection in time, and minimize the time spent facing the computer every day. After using the computer for a long time, you need to clean your face in time, so that some radiation can be removed. At the same time, when you are facing the computer at work, you can choose to apply some skin isolation cream, which can reduce the impact of radiation on the skin and avoid long spots.

3. Try to wear less makeup. Modern people especially like make-up. Many women even feel that they can’t go out without make-up, but they don’t know that too much make-up will adversely affect the skin and may lead to spots. Therefore, in order to avoid spots, or to make spots as light as possible, it is best to avoid excessive use of cosmetics, and to make a light makeup every day, it is best not to use it in farms.

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