What should I do with swollen gums?

It is the connective tissue in our mouth, which has a certain covering effect. If there is abnormality in the gum area, such as swelling and pain, this is an abnormal symptom. Because the gums are in the mouth, it is still very uncomfortable to have swelling and pain in the gums. Many people want to know how to relieve it. So, what should I do with swollen gums?

When treating swollen gums, we need to find out the cause and deal with it. Especially, some chronic diseases can easily cause swelling and pain of gums, so active treatment is needed at this time. In addition, many people suffer from swelling and pain of gums caused by vitamin deficiency, so it is necessary to improve their own resistance, and pay attention to supplementing one vitamin, vitamin D, etc.

In addition, find out where the gums are swollen and painful. From the symptoms, this part should be darker than other parts. At this time, it needs to be cleaned, mainly food residues and tartar, and then it needs to be washed. Rinse with normal saline, and then treat.

Many people think that abnormal gums don’t need to be treated. In fact, gingivitis is very easy to cause. If it can’t be treated in time, it may become serious, causing periodontitis, or even causing loosening of teeth or loss of tooth function. This influence is quite serious.

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