What should I eat more after medicine flow?

Nowadays, there are many kinds of abortion methods, among which drug abortion and induced abortion are common abortion methods. Many women are not sure how to nurse their bodies and what nutrition to supplement after abortion, so as to better restore their body functions. So, what should I eat more after the medicine flow?

There will be bleeding for some time after drug abortion, and a lot of nutrients will be lost. Women’s body is very weak, coupled with a series of physical problems such as uterine trauma, women must have a good rest at this time, otherwise there will be all kinds of serious consequences.

Traditional confinement can’t help but supplement nutrients, such as eggs. Because eggs are rich in nutrients and high in protein. In addition, you can also eat vitamins and minerals such as lecithin, which is very helpful to your health. There will be bleeding after drug flow, and some women have anemia. At this time, pregnant women should pay more attention to supplementing iron after drug flow, which is one of the raw materials for making blood cells. For example, you can eat more kelp, which contains more iron. Eating more kelp can prevent anemia.

In addition, eat more fruits, such as grapes, cherries, apples and red dates, which can supplement vitamins and minerals. Although medical abortion is simple and convenient now, we must pay attention to supplementing nutrition after operation to avoid other inflammations.

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