What should I pay attention to when catching a cold?

With the arrival of hot summer, the probability of influenza decreased, but the individual cold did not decrease. What should we do and what should we pay attention to in order to protect us from the cold?

1. First of all, we should pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and keep regular proper exercise and outdoor activities, so as to promote blood circulation and enhance the body’s immunity. With good physical fitness, the probability of catching a cold will decrease accordingly.

2. Pay attention to supplementing protein. In summer, the weather is hot, sweating is more, and energy consumption is greater, so it is necessary to supplement enough nutrients to improve the body’s resistance. Eat fish, meat, eggs, milk and beans as appropriate to supplement protein, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to obtain vitamin C. In addition, eat more food for clearing away heat and toxic materials.

3. Scientific and rational use of fans and 空 adjustment. Clean 空 before using 空 to avoid a large number of germs blowing out with the wind; When sleeping, pay attention to 空 or don’t blow your head directly with the electric fan. The indoor temperature should be kept above 24℃, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should not exceed 7℃.

If you have a summer cold, don’t worry, you can cure it by symptomatic treatment. Generally speaking, a cold in summer is actually a “hot feeling”, and even people with deficient constitution will have symptoms of wind-heat cold. If you are in good health, the cold is just the beginning and the symptoms are mild, you can take care at home first, and consider seeking medical treatment if the situation is serious.

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