What should people with anemia do if they have less milk?

After giving birth, women’s bodies often need a period of time to recuperate before they can recover. If they are healthy, they will recover faster. However, some women themselves are not in good health, and they are even weaker after giving birth. So what about anaemic people with less milk?

If there is anemia after delivery, which leads to the decrease of milk, we should first actively go to the hospital to treat the primary disease, see what is the cause of anemia, and choose the appropriate treatment method under the doctor’s suggestion. In our daily life, we should also strengthen nutrition, and more importantly, we should supplement some protein and various vitamins and trace elements, for example, we can drink more millet congee, fish, eggs, milk and lean meat.

After giving birth, women are weak and have more bleeding, which will easily lead to postpartum anemia, fatigue, weakness of qi and blood, etc., which will lead to the reduction of milk secretion. It is suggested that in this situation, nutrition should be strengthened first, and in addition, the mood should be kept cheerful, because the mood may also have an impact on milk secretion, and attention should be paid to let the baby suck more at ordinary times, which will also help stimulate milk secretion.

However, anemia is not only caused by postpartum qi deficiency, but also caused by many other reasons. If anemia is caused by other reasons, it will generally not have much impact on milk.

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