What subjects do children intussusception hang?

Intussusception will bring great pain, and some infants and young children will also suffer from it. When suffering from this disease, there will be intermittent colic in the abdomen. Each attack may not be long, but it will happen again after half an hour, which makes the children suffer a lot. So, what is the subject of children’s intussusception?

Children’s intussusception is in surgery. This disease may happen at any time. When it happens, there will be severe abdominal pain, and it is easy to recur. Children’s face is usually very pale, and there will be blood in their stools, and there will be vomiting and crying. Parents should take them to the hospital in time, and pay attention to prevention at ordinary times.

Children should develop good living habits, ensure adequate sleep, take them to outdoor activities, increase physical activity, and pay attention to freshness in diet. When adding complementary food to children, pay attention to follow the gradual approach, don’t let children eat too much, avoid the inducing factors of various diseases, and add clothes to children in time when the weather gets cold.

In order to prevent children’s intestinal dysfunction, it is best to eat some liquid food during illness. When intestinal necrosis occurs, children will have obvious abdominal pain accompanied by fever, and local tenderness will occur. Conservative treatment can be chosen. If the effect is not good, surgical treatment should be actively turned to prevent intestinal necrosis, which will aggravate the illness.

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