What symptom is acute hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is a very harmful disease, which can be spread through many ways. If a woman is a patient with hepatitis B, she should take appropriate measures during pregnancy to avoid infecting the fetus. After the fetus is born, she should be vaccinated in time to reduce the probability of infection. However, what is the symptom of acute hepatitis B?

Acute hepatitis B has systemic symptoms. When the disease breaks out, patients will suffer from general discomfort, such as weakness of limbs, exhaustion of physical strength, fatigue, insomnia and dreaminess, and some even have cold symptoms. Patients need to pay special attention, and they should be treated if they find any abnormality.

After the illness, there will be digestive tract diseases, such as upper abdominal discomfort, feeling abdominal distension and nausea, and often losing appetite, etc., and there will be jaundice diseases, mainly manifested as yellow skin, even yellow urine, accompanied by itchy skin. Spleen enlargement is also a symptom of acute stage. Patients should have hepatitis B examination. Once confirmed, they should be treated scientifically to avoid aggravation of the disease.

Patients should cooperate with doctors, actively carry out treatment, reduce the harm of diseases, and protect their own health. During treatment, patients should also do a good job of self-protection, reduce transmission, and avoid endangering the health of others. It is best to adopt some isolation methods, and at the same time, eat scientifically, avoid overeating, control the intake of fat and sugar, and eat more vegetables and fruits, which will help to enhance physical fitness and promote the recovery of diseases.

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