What tests do you need to do before pregnancy?

In order to ensure that a woman’s body is suitable for giving birth to a child, and there are no other diseases, it is necessary to do some pre-pregnancy examination before formal pregnancy preparation. If there is no pre-pregnancy check-up, and if there are some physical problems after pregnancy check-up, it will probably affect the fetus, and even need abortion. So what tests do you need to do before pregnancy?

First, do a routine urine test. This is a pre-pregnancy examination project, and one of them must be done. Through this examination, we can see whether a woman has kidney diseases, because it will increase the burden on the kidney when she is pregnant, so if she has such diseases, she is not recommended to get pregnant.

Second, the blood routine examination can know the number of white blood cells, whether there is potential infection, and whether there is anemia. If women have severe anemia, there may be iron deficiency during pregnancy, which will easily affect the development of fetus, and it is not conducive to recovery after delivery.

Third, chromosome examination is necessary. By examining chromosomes, we can see whether DNA is abnormal or whether there are other genetic problems. This is very important for the fetus.

Although I feel that my body is healthy, there are some diseases that are hidden and cannot be found in time, so I need to pass some professional examinations, so it is very necessary to check before pregnancy.

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