What to eat for breast enhancement during menstruation?

As young women, they all hope that their breasts will be strong, so that their temperament will be greatly improved when they wear clothes. Therefore, many women will make their breasts develop again through various methods, the most common of which is to do conditioning through diet. So what to eat for breast enhancement during menstruation?

1. If women want to achieve breast enhancement, they can choose to eat yam a few days before menstruation. This kind of food contains a lot of minerals, which can do a good job of conditioning the kidneys, lungs and spleen and stomach, which is also very beneficial to breast development. You can choose to wash yam, cut it into pieces, boil it into soup, and add ribs or vegetables.

2. We should also eat Lycium barbarum frequently, which has a strong kidney-tonifying function and can effectively dredge many parts such as nipple and breast. If you choose to eat Lycium barbarum within seven days after the end of menstruation, you can brew it into tea with hot water, or add other ingredients to make medicated diet. You should also eat more soy products such as soybeans and black beans, which can be made into soybean milk or boiled into soup. These beans contain high estrogen and can help breast to develop again.

3. At the same time, you can eat papaya. This food is rich in vitamins, which can help women to secrete estrogen quickly. It is best to choose raw food, because after high temperature cooking, nutrients in the food will be lost, and you can also eat oysters. This food can also help breast cells to divide rapidly. Oysters themselves contain low heat and will not cause women to gain weight.

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