What to eat if the stomach does not digest?

Because many people can’t control their mouths and can’t resist the temptation of delicious food, they often suffer from overeating, which will easily increase the burden on the stomach, easily lead to indigestion, and easily lead to some gastrointestinal discomfort. What should I eat if I don’t digest the stomach?

People who are prone to gastrointestinal indigestion can usually eat hawthorn, plum and other foods. These foods are sweet and sour in taste and warm and cool in temperament, which can stimulate appetite, digest and accumulate food, strengthen the stomach and strengthen the spleen, and help to improve the phenomenon of gastrointestinal indigestion. They are also rich in dietary fiber, which can also promote gastrointestinal digestion, enhance appetite and relieve discomfort.

You can eat more yam at ordinary times. Yam can help repair the gastric mucosa, protect the stomach, help relieve indigestion in the stomach and help the human body maintain the stomach. You can also eat some papaya. The protease in papaya can promote the digestion of food in the stomach, help the human body to digest and absorb food, and also reduce the discomfort caused by indigestion.

People with bad stomachs can usually cook more millet congee or green vegetable congee to eat, which can help regulate the stomach, help regulate the digestive system, and also have the effect of nourishing the stomach and strengthening the spleen. If gastrointestinal indigestion has not been alleviated, patients can also take some medicines such as Jianweixiaoshi tablets, which can also promote digestion and improve indigestion.

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