What to eat just after caesarean section?

Although many pregnant women want to give birth naturally, because their bodies recover quickly, and they will be better for the fetus, they can’t give birth naturally because of various practical reasons, so they can only choose caesarean section. After caesarean section, because there will be a knife edge on their bodies, it is necessary to have taboos in postpartum diet. So what to eat just after caesarean section?

First, try to choose a light diet after caesarean section, and don’t eat too greasy food. Because lochia needs to be discharged after caesarean section, it may not be very good if you eat too greasy. Therefore, it is better to eat some semi-liquid food with noodle soup and millet porridge, which is easy to digest and can make the body absorb nutrition.

Second, it is ok to eat more vegetables, such as laver and kelp rape. In addition, fruits should keep up with tomatoes, oranges and oranges, which can help supplement vitamin C and make the wounds of caesarean section heal faster.

Third, postpartum pregnant women may want to supplement protein, so they are likely to eat legume foods. However, because the sugar content and starch content of these foods are higher, it is easy to produce gas, so the puerpera still does not recommend eating too much for the time being, otherwise, abdominal distension is particularly easy.

In addition, spicy and irritating foods should be avoided as far as possible, otherwise it will easily lead to constipation.

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