What to eat to relieve constipation?

I believe many people have had constipation. When constipation occurs, they should relieve constipation in time to avoid habitual constipation. Although there are many kinds of laxative drugs, it is the safest way to relieve constipation by adjusting diet. So, what to eat to relieve constipation?

When constipation occurs, everyone can eat some taro and sweet potatoes. Taro, whether boiled in water, porridge or soup, has a good laxative effect. Sweet potato is a good food for relaxing bowels, which has excellent intestine moistening effect, and can also help the body to expel toxins from intestinal tract.

Everyone knows that eating pears can remove fire and supplement vitamins. In fact, pears have the effect of relaxing bowels. Pear is a cool food, which can not only clear away heat, but also relieve constipation. If constipation is caused by excessive internal heat, you can eat more pears.

There are many fruits that can relieve constipation, not only pears, bananas and sugar cane, but also have good laxative effects. When constipation occurs, you can eat more bananas, which can moisten the intestinal tract. Generally, when constipation and dry large intestine are caused by excessive internal heat, you can eat two bananas every day. In traditional Chinese medicine theory, sugar cane has the effect of moistening intestines and reducing fire, so when constipation occurs, you can drink a cup of sugar cane honey juice, which is very helpful for defecation.

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