What to eat when toothache gets angry?

Although toothache is not a disease, it is just a symptom, but it must be said that if toothache rises, it can also directly reflect some abnormalities in one’s own body. At this time, some people will ask: What should I eat if I get angry with toothache?

If toothache is caused by excessive internal heat, you should eat more foods to reduce internal heat in your daily life, such as common lilies, honeysuckle, lotus roots, honey, green tea and lotus leaves.

Because these foods are not only rich in nutrients, but also contain a lot of water and the efficacy of removing fire. It can not only meet the nutrition and energy needed by human body, but also help relieve toothache.

How to prevent toothache?

1. Control sugar intake. According to clinical data, most patients have toothache mainly due to the habit of eating sugar before going to bed, or taking too much sugar in daily life. This habit can easily increase the risk of tooth decay, thus inducing toothache.

2. Eat more coarse grains. Coarse grains can not only relieve gastrointestinal discomfort, but also have certain friction and cleaning effects on teeth. Therefore, coarse grain food can reduce the accumulation of food residues in teeth in disguise, so eating coarse grain in daily life can also effectively prevent the incidence of toothache.

3. Eliminate the original irritant. The so-called elimination of original irritants is mainly to reduce the dental plaque of one’s own teeth and change the oral environment, so that some oral diseases can be effectively prevented and toothache can be alleviated.

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