What’s an O-leg like?

I believe most people have heard the word “O-leg”, but they probably don’t know exactly what the O-leg is like, and there is a question, why some people don’t, why some people do, and what is the O-leg like?

O-legs mean that when the legs stand upright naturally, there will be a big gap between the two knee seats, which will not only affect the appearance, but also seriously affect the completion of some movements at ordinary times.

There are many reasons for O-legs, such as standing too early or walking too long, or lack of nutrition and exercise during physical development, which may cause O-legs. With the increase of age, the situation of O-legs will also increase, so it is best to correct them as soon as possible. What are the general correction methods?

1. Stand upright and keep your legs as close as possible. Hold your knees with both hands and squat slowly in front of you and then stand up. Do the exercise about 20-30 times each time, and stick to it every day.

2. Stand with your feet spread out, bend over and hold your knees with both hands, keep your knees close to each other, and continue after an interval of 10 seconds. Practice at least 5-10 times.

3. Sit on the stool, and try to hold some books in your legs, so as to maintain this action for a certain period of time. Or you can tie your knees with rubber bands or ropes, which will have a better effect.

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