What’s the impact of abortion?

Abortion is not very complicated. As long as the time is suitable, women can choose this method. Although it is convenient and quick, it will cause many injuries to the body and even cause a variety of gynecological diseases. Therefore, women should pay attention to it and know more about the related matters of the operation. So, what is the impact of abortion?

Abortion has certain influence, which may lead to infection. If disinfection is not strict, or the standard of the operating room is not up to standard, it is likely to cause intraoperative infection. In addition, failing to pay attention to hygiene after abortion, or resuming sexual life soon, is also likely to cause postoperative infection, causing pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical erosion and a series of inflammations.

After the operation, it may also cause some sequelae, not only physical, but also psychological. If there is fear of sexual life, it will lead to disharmony between husband and wife, and some will appear pale and other symptoms due to bleeding, tension and other factors.

If the doctor is inexperienced, it may lead to massive bleeding, even uterine perforation, etc. If the flow of people is not clean, the time of vaginal bleeding will be prolonged, which will easily lead to anemia. Therefore, women should pay attention to it, and it is best to take proper precautions to avoid accidents and harm to the body. After the operation, they should also go to the hospital for reexamination to see if the substances in the uterine cavity are discharged.

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