What’s the matter with a little pain on both sides of a pregnant woman’s stomach for three months?

After pregnancy, women will have a variety of physical discomfort reactions, especially in the early stage of pregnancy, and the morning sickness reaction will make pregnant women feel very uncomfortable. With the continuous development of pregnancy, other physical discomfort reactions will occur in different stages of pregnant women. I would like to ask what happened to the pain on both sides of the stomach for three months.

There is a slight pain on both sides of the stomach during the third month of pregnancy. If the pain symptoms are mild, it can be considered that the uterus is enlarged due to fetal growth and development, which will stretch the uterus and cause abdominal pain. This is a normal physiological phenomenon during pregnancy. After such symptoms appear, pregnant women should pay more attention to rest and the symptoms can be improved.

However, if the symptoms of stomachache on both sides of pregnant women are serious and accompanied by vaginal bleeding, it is necessary to be vigilant. Considering that the symptoms may be discomfort caused by threatened abortion, pregnant women should also go to the hospital to do relevant examinations immediately to find out the specific causes of discomfort, and then make treatment and conditioning according to the situation to prevent accidents.

In addition, pregnant women should pay special attention to physical activities in the third month of pregnancy, avoid strenuous physical activities, prevent physical overwork, and prohibit sexual behavior, so as not to cause adverse stimulation to the fetus. During this period, we should also pay attention to diet recuperation, keep the diet light, try to eat foods that are easy to digest and absorb, and pay attention to diet hygiene to avoid gastrointestinal problems caused by improper diet and adverse effects on fetal development.

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