What’s the matter with children blinking?

Children have bad habits. They always like to blink, and the frequency is much faster than normal people. What’s wrong with children blinking? How to educate them? Many parents have such problems.

Children blink frequently, which may be caused by uncontrollable eyelid muscles, incomplete development of children’s neural control system or accidental injury, which is called convulsion in medicine.

main symptoms of convulsions

1. Children’s facial convulsions, eyebrow squeezing, bareteeth, grimacing, shrugging, turning their necks, nodding, turning around and swinging their arms. It can also be a voice twitch, such as coughing and clearing the throat.

2. Chronic simple convulsions in children before the age of 15 are more common than those in adults. One to two groups showed muscle twitching with little change. It will last for a long time, and it can exist for life.

3. Attention loss, difficulty in sleeping, and emotional tension. In a specific period, it usually takes the same symptoms as the main symptoms, and sometimes it can be transformed into another group of muscle convulsions.

4. Common convulsions include biting lips, opening mouth, nodding, shaking head, craning neck, etc. Symptoms may fluctuate and shift within weeks or months.

5. Children and adolescents may have simple or multiple convulsions. Simple cases disappear naturally during puberty.

6. Acute simple convulsions in children. Most of them are simple and involuntary movement convulsions, and the initial symptoms of most convulsions are rarely simple sound convulsions.

Every parent feels uneasy when they see the children blinking at each other. But as long as we have enough knowledge of the child’s condition and symptoms, we will not delay the child’s health. In daily life, parents should do a good job in protecting children’s health.

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