What’s the matter with high hepatobiliary acid in pregnant women?

A lot of changes will take place in a woman’s body when she is pregnant, such as her body size, taste or hormones in her body. So many times pregnant women may feel a little uncomfortable. In addition, there may be obvious changes in the skin, and black spots may appear, which may be caused by acid-base imbalance in the body. What about the high hepatobiliary acid in pregnant women?

When pregnant, the hepatobiliary acid is on the high side, which may be due to the increase of progesterone level, so the smooth muscle tension of the body is reduced, and the gestational sac tension is also decreased, which leads to cholestasis, which will lead to obstacles in the liver’s ability to absorb hepatobiliary acid and excrete it, so the blood content will rise, which is actually a normal situation.

However, if the increase of hepatobiliary acid exceeds the normal value by more than 10 times, it will probably cause amniotic fluid pollution, which will lead to intrauterine distress and even premature birth.

But in fact, there are some solutions to the high hepatobiliary acid during pregnancy. Only need to keep a normal sleep during pregnancy, try to ensure a light diet, and then reduce sugar intake, in fact, it will not have much impact. If the situation is abnormal, you can ask the doctor to prescribe some drugs suitable for taking during pregnancy to help reduce it.

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