What’s the matter with trembling hands and feet in the third trimester?

After a friend is pregnant, her body often feels uncomfortable, which is mostly a normal reaction during pregnancy. Many women will be weak at the later stage of pregnancy, and may also have symptoms of shaking hands and feet, so pregnant women are very worried. So, what’s the matter with trembling hands and feet in the third trimester?

If a woman is weak in the third trimester and her hands and feet are shaking, it may be caused by slow blood circulation. Usually, when the blood circulation is poor, it will cause the symptoms of shaking hands and feet. In addition, when women are pregnant, they are prone to calcium deficiency, which can also lead to shaking hands and feet.

If it is caused by calcium deficiency, pregnant women need to replant some calcium in proper amount. In normal times, you should eat more foods with high calcium content, such as meat, egg milk and seafood. If calcium deficiency is serious, people should take calcium supplements, such as calcium agents and calcium tablets.

If the weakness and shaking of hands and feet in the third trimester are caused by poor blood circulation, it is necessary to have a comprehensive examination and timely treatment. In addition, women should pay more attention to sleeping position and try to take the left lateral position in the late pregnancy. If you use other sleeping positions, it will affect the blood circulation, and may make the placenta ischemic, which is very unfavorable for the development of the baby.

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