What’s the pimple like when the face is allergic?

Due to personal physical reasons, many people are prone to skin allergy in spring and autumn. After the skin is stimulated by allergens, pimples may appear, which will seriously affect people’s normal life. What is the pimple caused by facial allergy?

The papules on the face caused by allergy are generally red acne-like, accompanied by local redness and swelling. Patients may also have facial inflammation, rose acne, keratosis of hair follicles and other symptoms. After such allergic symptoms appear, patients need to actively cooperate with doctors for anti-allergic treatment, and can also apply appropriate ointment on the affected part of facial papules to relieve symptoms and keep the face clean and hygienic.

Generally, after allergic symptoms appear, it is best for patients to go to the hospital as soon as possible, find out allergens and specific causes of allergy, and then do targeted treatment. At the same time, care should be taken to avoid contact with allergens and prevent allergic conditions from appearing again. When using allergic drugs, you must use them according to the doctor’s instructions, not blindly, so as to avoid aggravating allergic symptoms.

In addition, people with allergic constitution should avoid eating seafood, fish, crayfish and other hair products as far as possible to avoid inducing allergic symptoms. In spring and autumn, avoid touching plants with more pollen, and try not to go to gardens and other places to prevent allergies.

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