What’s the reason for the pregnancy check down syndrome?

After pregnancy, there will be a lot of examinations, and the methods of these examinations are various, including blood drawing, urine test and color ultrasound. Among many examinations, one is very important, that is, Down’s screening. However, many people don’t understand this inspection and can’t figure out the reason. So, what’s the reason for pregnancy check down syndrome?

The reason of pregnancy check down’s syndrome is mainly related to the purpose of this screening. Down’s is to do Down’s screening, which is an examination of fetal genes, or chromosome screening. After all, the cause of Down syndrome is related to chromosome. This inspection is a necessary inspection item for prenatal examination.

Chaton’s pregnancy is mainly to extract the serum of pregnant women, and then test the serum, so as to screen out some high-risk pregnant women. Down’s high-risk pregnant women, that is to say, their babies are still more likely to be Down’s children. This examination is very important, especially for older people. Especially pregnant women over 35 years old, must do this screening.

If Down’s screening shows that pregnant women are at high risk, amniocentesis or non-invasive DNA test can be performed, so that a more accurate diagnosis can be obtained. From pregnancy preparation to pregnancy, every family hopes to have a healthy baby. If it is a baby with Down syndrome, it will bring a burden to many families.

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