What’s with the kids blinking?

Under normal circumstances, we blink 15-20 times per minute. If children often blink, parents should pay attention to whether there are any symptoms in their eyes. What’s the matter with the child blinking all the time?

If children are picky eaters or partial eaters, they will lack some vitamins and trace elements in their bodies. When the contents are low, neuromuscular disorders may be formed, which may cause children to blink all the time.

The most common cause is inflammatory stimulation, including various inflammations caused by bacterial virus infection. There are not only symptoms of increased blinking frequency, but also symptoms such as redness and itching of eyes, increased secretion and tears.

Secondly, some children will have congenital ptosis, which will cause eyelashes to fall outside the eyeball, stimulate the cornea and cause tears. At this time, the most common symptom is eyelid varus, which is obvious. The treatment of this disease is very simple. For mild diseases, the eyelids can be quietly turned back to the normal position, and local skin can be fixed with adhesive tape. With the development of the child’s body, the eyelid varus is expected to heal itself, and in severe cases, surgery is needed to correct it.

In addition, blinking may also be caused by eye fatigue, such as ametropia, especially eye fatigue caused by uncorrected hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism. There may be foreign bodies in the eyes, which may also cause this symptom. For example, if something small enters a child’s eyes, it will make the eyes uncomfortable. In this case, the child will blink. If there are foreign bodies in the eyes, they should be taken out immediately to avoid corneal diseases. If the foreign body is difficult to take out, please go to the hospital immediately and ask a professional technical doctor to take it out, so as not to hurt the child’s eyes.

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