What’s wrong with amenorrhea?

Before puberty, women haven’t menstruated, and when they reach a certain age, they will stop menstruating. Only normal amenorrhea, women don’t have to worry too much. If it’s not the normal reason, women will pay attention to it. This suggests that there may be some diseases in the body, and if it is not handled in time, it will bring many health risks. So, what is wrong with amenorrhea?

If amenorrhea is not treated well, it may be that symptomatic treatment has not been done, and there are many reasons that cause amenorrhea. Every woman’s physique is different, so it is necessary to check in detail and understand the specific reasons before corresponding treatment can be carried out, such as improper diet, irregular living habits or medical history, or because of eating frozen food for a long time and not paying attention to keeping warm.

Women can use traditional Chinese medicine for conditioning or moxibustion to treat amenorrhea caused by cold and dampness. If it is caused by dieting, women should supplement nutrition in time, eat more red dates, milk, soybean milk and other foods, and pay attention to proper exercise. If it is caused by estrogen deficiency, it can be supplemented by taking relevant drugs on the advice of doctors.

Women should choose appropriate treatment according to their specific conditions and the causes of the disease. If there is no effective treatment, it is likely to delay their illness. They should also pay more attention to their diet at ordinary times, and do not often eat irritating foods, such as coffee and strong tea.

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