When can you cure hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is a serious liver disease, which is not only contagious, but also cannot be completely cured. After suffering from hepatitis B, it can only be controlled by drugs, which can delay the discovery of the disease. Many patients with hepatitis B hope that this disease can be completely cured. So, when can you cure hepatitis B?

Many workers believe that hepatitis B may be cured within ten years. I believe that with the efforts of medical workers, hepatitis B can be defeated. For patients with hepatitis B, active treatment is needed in order to control the disease, otherwise the disease will easily worsen and eventually turn into cirrhosis and liver cancer.

When suffering from hepatitis B, we should not only treat it in time, but also try to avoid the infection of the disease. If someone in the family suffers from hepatitis B, family members must take some measures to prevent hepatitis B, such as vaccination, which is the most effective way to prevent hepatitis B at present.

After being injected with hepatitis B vaccine, antibodies can be produced in the body, which will not be infected by hepatitis B virus. However, the antibodies in people’s bodies will gradually decrease, so it is necessary to replant them regularly to ensure that they are not infected. In addition, hepatitis B can be transmitted from mother to child, so women with hepatitis B should take timely blocking measures after pregnancy, which can block the mother-to-child transmission route and prevent their babies from being infected with hepatitis B..

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