When will acne grow?

Many people who love beauty are troubled by acne. When acne crept up their faces, many people were caught off guard. Acne not only reflects the skin condition, but also reflects a person’s physical condition, so if you don’t want to grow acne, you must first know when it will grow acne.

1. When endocrine disorders occur .

Many people have poor living habits and often stay up late, so the endocrine of the human body is easily out of balance. Whenever this time, the skin will increase the secretion of oil, so acne will follow.

2. During the physiological period .

About a week before menstruation, women will have acne because of endocrine changes. However, this kind of long acne belongs to physiology, and when the menstrual period is over, the acne will automatically subside.

3. Inadequate cleaning

Acne is closely related to skin cleaning. If the facial cleaning work is not done properly, the grease remaining in the skin will block the pores of the skin. The same is true for unclean makeup remover, and acne will come from it.

It can be seen that good living habits and skin care habits are very important. If you want smooth skin without acne, you must ensure sleep and a good diet. The diet should be light and drink plenty of boiling water to prevent constipation. At the same time, clean your skin before going to bed and in the morning, and wash your face with warm water. Make-up remover must be thoroughly removed. Usually, when the skin is greasy, it can be removed with absorbent paper.

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