When will the drug be rechecked after it flows out?

When women have abortion, if they are pregnant for a short time, such as within 49 days, they can choose to have medical abortion. Because the medicine flow need not be operated in uterine cavity, only the medicine can be taken, so the possibility of complications is low. So, when will the drug flow be reexamined?

If women have excessive bleeding or severe abdominal pain after drug abortion, they should immediately go to the hospital for reexamination. Because this may be the case of incomplete abortion, you should seek medical advice immediately. And when necessary, the doctor will perform palace cleaning operation.

If everything is normal after the drug flow, and women have no adverse symptoms, they can choose to go to the hospital for reexamination about one week after the drug flow. At this time, it is necessary to check the uterine cavity with color Doppler ultrasound, which can know whether there is any residual embryo tissue in the uterine cavity and the recovery of the uterus.

Drug abortion is a very common way of induced abortion, but it is only suitable for pregnant women with short pregnancy time. If the pregnancy time exceeds 49 days, it will be impossible to carry out drug abortion. At this time, everyone can choose painless induced abortion. It is necessary to take medicine continuously for three days when making medicine flow. After the medicine flow is completed, it should be observed in the hospital for several hours, and you can go home to recuperate without abnormal symptoms. Although the possibility of complications caused by drug flow is low, incomplete abortion may occur.

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