Where is sciatica during pregnancy?

Because most women now work in offices, they will sit for a long time every day. For normal women, sitting every day may make them feel uncomfortable, not to mention women during pregnancy, especially in the late pregnancy, when women’s abdomen is particularly large, if they sit for a long time, it is very likely that sciatica will occur. So where is sciatica during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, sciatica is usually more unilateral, and may be in the lower back and the waist. Therefore, when walking or exercising, there may be short-term pain in the lower limbs, and if it is not taken seriously, it will become more severe.

In this case, the pain may extend from the waist to the hips to the thighs. During pregnancy, the lower limbs are prone to edema, and cramps may occur in the middle of the night. However, because different pregnant women have different conditions, it is difficult to accurately explain where the sciatica of pregnant women occurs.

However, if you have sciatica, you should pay more attention to bed rest. Basically, it is not particularly serious, but if it is serious, you can go to the doctor and take some analgesics to help you recover.

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