Where is the forehead acne getting angry?

Acne is a skin problem that many people have experienced. Many people know that acne is usually caused by excessive internal heat. So where is the forehead acne caused by excessive internal heat?

You can’t tell exactly where you get angry by pimples on your forehead, but stomach fire and liver fire are common. It can be observed that besides acne on forehead, there are other physical discomfort, such as constipation, dry mouth, bad breath, spicy taste, bleeding gums and other symptoms in people with strong stomach fire. People with strong liver fire will have headache, envy, yellow urine, constipation, impatience and other symptoms.

Simple acne may only be folliculitis caused by bacterial infection of local skin, which can be adjusted from diet. Light diet, drinking plenty of water every day, eating more fruits and vegetables can supplement vitamins and help eliminate acne. If necessary, local ointment can be applied to help acne.

Keep local skin clean during acne, and avoid gouging acne, otherwise it is easy to leave scars, and scars are difficult to remove, so be careful when you have acne on your face, and be careful when you wash your face or care for skin. If you are a woman who loves makeup, it is best not to make up or clean it when removing makeup during acne, otherwise it may lead to aggravation of acne symptoms, and the test products need to be of better quality.

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