Which does cupping or moxibustion remove moisture?

Chinese people like cupping and moxibustion very much. Many people like cupping, and many people like Ai Zhi. Although cupping and moxibustion seem to have different treatment methods, many people think that they are both effective in eliminating dampness. So, which is better to remove moisture, cupping or moxibustion?


The effect of removing moisture by cupping is very good. Cupping can remove moisture and toxins in the body, so as to dredge meridians, promote qi and blood circulation, and get rid of moisture in the body.

Cupping can drive away moisture and cold, which can make people feel comfortable and refreshed. Cupping can not only remove moisture and cold, but also have a very good effect on joint pain.

All in all, cupping is effective in removing moisture. If you want to remove moisture, you can do cupping, and cupping can be done at home. The operation method is simple and the effect is excellent, which is the essence of Chinese medicine.


Ai Zhi is also a treatment in Chinese medicine. Roasting with related acupoints of wormwood body can dispel cold and damp, and warm meridians. The effect of moxibustion is mild. Generally speaking, it takes long-term moxibustion to see the effect. The moxibustion can be carried out for a long time, which can last for one month, and can also be carried out all the year round, and once every other time, which can have the effect of dispelling diseases and preserving health.

cupping for moxibustion

The difference between moxibustion and cupping is that moxibustion is mild and can be carried out all the year round, while cupping is more effective and cannot be carried out all the year round, but it needs to be carried out at regular intervals. Both moxibustion and cupping can remove moisture, and the effect is obvious.

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