Which is better for O-leg correction?

In daily life, you will see many people have a special shape of O-shaped legs, O-shaped legs bring great confusion to patients, affecting a person’s beauty, affecting the patient’s body, not only wearing pants, but also not looking good, so patients with this leg shape must be treated. Well, which is the best way to correct the leg?

O-leg correction mainly depends on the specific situation of the individual O-leg. If the correction effect is good after the implementation of the method, the O-leg correction can be done by surgery, or by orthoses and correction belts, but targeted treatment should be carried out according to a person’s situation.

If you are still a child, if you find that the bone growth and development is a little deformed, correct it as soon as possible, such as wearing corrective clothes or putting on splints. After getting older, the bones are basically shaped, and it is almost impossible to correct them. If you have an operation, you should also take the risk of the operation.

No matter what kind of correction instrument, correction exercise or small needle knife technique, it can only relax the collateral ligament of knee joint, make the knee joint more unstable, and aggravate the degeneration of knee joint, which is harmful and useless. It is suggested that you should straighten your mind, don’t care too much about your appearance, and keep your heart sunny, as long as you are healthy, it is most important. At ordinary times, correct bad habits and bad postures, including sitting posture and sleeping posture, to avoid further deformity of bones.

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