Which is better to dispel caesarean scar?

If you choose caesarean section, there will definitely be scars on your stomach. Whether it is crosscutting or vertical cutting, a scar will be left behind. Some people’s skin will recover quickly, and the scars will fade away very well after a few years. However, some people have scars that are not easy to recover to their original appearance, so some methods need to be taken after childbirth. So, which is better to remove scars from caesarean section?

1. After being discharged from hospital by caesarean section, the doctor will definitely let the puerpera rest more, and she can’t take a bath within a few days, so as to prevent the wound from being infected by water. She should clean the wound herself, but she can’t apply the medicine at random, so she should use the medicine prescribed by the doctor. If the wound is abnormal, she should go to the doctor in time and conduct a timely review.

2. You can’t exercise very early after delivery. Although you want to recover your body as soon as possible, it is very harmful to your body to lose weight blindly. After all, your body is still very weak after caesarean section. If you exercise with a large amplitude, it is very likely that the wound will tear, so it is even more difficult to recover the scar.

3. After delivery, you must eat more vitamins and protein, which can help the wound heal quickly. Because the wound has not completely healed, it is easy to inflame. Therefore, you must not eat spicy food or drink alcohol. You can buy cosmetic gel to smear the wound under the guidance of a doctor, which can reduce the depth of scar.

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