Who can’t have hair transplant?

Nowadays, many people attach great importance to their hair, especially when hair loss is getting more and more serious, and baldness symptoms have appeared, which affects their beauty, they will want to consider hair transplantation to solve the problem, but hair transplantation technology also has certain requirements, which is not suitable for everyone, so who can’t have hair transplantation?

First, people with insufficient hair follicle resources. Some people will form permanent hair loss, mainly because their hair follicles have been affected in the hair loss places, and may even have lost their vitality and can no longer let new hair grow out. Therefore, when serious hair loss occurs in the current forehead or other places, and no hair grows out again, the remaining hair follicle resources are not enough to solve large-scale hair loss, and hair transplantation cannot be carried out due to insufficient resources.

Second, people who have just recovered from burns and scalds. Hair transplantation belongs to minimally invasive surgery. Although the implantation of a hair follicle is very small and easy to recover, hair transplantation is not just one hair follicle implantation, but a large number of hair follicles implantation, which will form a large area of small wounds, and the healing time needs to be longer. For people who have just healed from burns and scalds, if they are implanted, they will be easily infected and cause inflammation.

Third, people who have bacteria on their scalp or are in a period of delirium. If the scalp is infected or suffers from skin diseases such as acne, folliculitis and cowhide before hair follicle transplantation, it must be thoroughly treated before operation, otherwise, the skin diseases may be aggravated and the treatment effect will be affected at the same time. However, if hair loss is serious and there is persistent hair loss, it is not suitable for transplantation, and even if it is finished, hair loss may continue.

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