Why are there symptoms of scrotal itching?

Many men are sloppy, and usually do not pay attention to personal hygiene, especially the hygiene of private parts, which will easily lead to itching in scrotum. This kind of problem is more common among men, especially in summer, when they sweat more, which will happen if they don’t pay attention to cleaning. If scrotum itching is serious, it should be treated in time. Then why is there the symptom of scrotal itching?

Men’s scrotum itching is mainly caused by the relatively high temperature in the pudenda in summer, and it will be damp after sweating. Itching will occur when the skin of scrotum rubs against underwear, especially when wearing tight jeans. Therefore, it is suggested that men usually wear loose and breathable pants, which can reduce the occurrence of scrotal itching.

If the body is short of vitamin B2, it will lead to cystitis. The main symptom of vulvitis is scrotal itching, and at the same time, erythema, desquamation, papule, scab and other symptoms will appear. If you encounter these symptoms, you should go to the hospital for examination and diagnosis, and actively cooperate with the treatment.

Eczema and neurodermatitis in scrotum can also cause itching, and if it is infected by fungi, it will also cause itching symptoms. Therefore, men should always pay attention to personal hygiene and keep their pudenda clean and dry. Pay more attention during sexual life, and clean the genitals before and after sexual life, which can reduce bacterial growth and avoid unclean sexual life.

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