Why are there white spots?

According to skin color, it should be yellow, white, black and brown. Many people are surprised by the differences in skin color between people. Melanin, actually. A person with healthy and normal skin color has a balanced melanin metabolism, so the skin color will not change too much. So, why are there white spots?

When melanin begins to decrease, the skin will turn white and there will be white spots.

1. Vitiligo: The appearance of skin white spots is a typical symptom of vitiligo. At first, the symptoms are small area, small quantity and unclear boundary with the surrounding normal skin. As the disease worsens, the color of white spots will gradually deepen and become more and more white. In addition, vitiligo leukoplakia is painless, and the surface of leukoplakia is smooth without dandruff.

2. Sunlight white spot: It occurs after sunlight or long-term ultraviolet radiation. Usually, the skin turns red, which seems to be allergic to ultraviolet rays. After a period of time, white spots appear, which can heal itself without special treatment.

3. Pigmented nevus: If the skin of a newborn baby has white spots, it will not disappear by itself, but will last for a lifetime and will not change, but will increase proportionally with the growth of the body. Vitiligo is an acquired disease, which is characterized by complete loss of local pigment and clear regeneration of pigment at the edge or center of leukoplakia. Anemia is local vascular dysplasia, which leads to pale skin color caused by ischemia. After local skin rubbing, there is no change in skin color and pigment.

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