Why are you allergic to your face in spring?

Women who like to use cosmetics at ordinary times must choose skin care products of more regular brands to use, but some people’s skin belongs to the constitution that is easy to be allergic, and skin allergy is easy to occur in spring or winter. So why do you get allergic to your face in spring?

If people have this kind of situation, it is probably because this season is relatively dry or because of their physical condition. When face allergy happens every spring, they should go to the hospital as early as possible to have an allergen check, and look at the specific causes of face allergy, so as to avoid contact with allergic substances and make the skin healthy.

In case of facial allergy in spring, desensitization treatment can also be carried out. After allergy, we should also pay attention to diet. We should not eat hair products, and we should not eat spicy food. Wear a mask when going out at ordinary times, and stay away from flowers, trees and other plants, because there are pollen from some plants, which can also cause skin allergy.

Especially those who have allergies in spring and those who work outdoors for a long time should do a good job of sun protection. At the same time, when you are allergic, you should also choose skin care products without any irritation, and add more water to your skin, which can also improve this situation. If it is caused by relatively dry skin, you should apply a mask on time.

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